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Specialized in life insurance risk appraisal solutions


servicios Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports are qualitative surveys for Life Insurance risk appraisal. They cover all the personal information of the proposed insured, covering work, financial, and net worth profile, personal habits and medical background. Details are provided on work risk factors, addictions, and everyday practices such as trips and hazardous activities.

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servicios Simplified Inspection Report

This report covers only basic information of the proposed insured. It is a low-cost alternative for low face amounts insurance.

servicios Insured Satisfaction Report

This is a complete report which allows measuring the level of satisfaction of the interviewed individual. It is aimed to quality control on customer service received during the process of the application: relationship with the insurance agent or producer, form and terms of premium payment, consent to the products offered, etc.

servicios Due Diligence for Prospective Agent

Skills evaluations and background of the proposed agent. Likewise the Inspection Report, this report offers a complete profile of the individual that the company plans to hire. In addition to the personal information, a detailed review of previous working experience, maximum and average face amounts written, and market conduct reference is included.

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