Inspection Report

Telephone interviews. Qualitatuve surveys for life insurance risk analysis. They cover all personal information of the proposed insured from work, financial and assets profile to habits and health background. They also detail factors of occupational hazards, addictions and everyday practices such as travel and extreme sports.

Abbreviated Inspection Report

It is a survey that covers only basic information about the proposed insured. It is an economical alternative for insurance with low coverage amounts.


Speed up your subscription process!

– We coordinate video conferences via Webex with the client and (if desired) their agent/producer.

– We verify the identity of the Proposed Insured by camera and we request to see the passport and/or ID of the person.

– We show the client the original application already completed by him/her to build greater trust and to show empathy, then we verify all the data.

– MEDICAL APLICATION. Total medical coverage, powered by IBU Inc.

– Background check


For those low coverage policy, which do not need a report, according to the tables of requirements, we have the possibility of making reports without interview, attaching a background check and using public and private background sources.


A full report which allows the company to set the insured satisfaction level based on the assistance and the services provided, during the management of the insurance: the quality of the relationship with the agent and the medical area, the ways of payment proposed, the satisfaction of the insured with the insurance taken, among other issues.


Evaluation of skills and background of an applicant agent. As well as an Inspection Report, this report offers a complete profile of the person that the company plans to hire. In addition to personal information, it provides details on their previous work experiences, the sums insured as agent, references within the market and it verifies the existence of complaints done by clients or employers.

IUSolutions Services

IUSolutions Services

“We provide an exclusive INTRANET service to request reports, track them and exchange information in a fast and safe way”

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