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Inspection Reports

Qualitative surveys for Life Insurance risk appraisal


They cover all the personal information of the proposed insured, covering work, financial, and net worth profile, personal habits and medical background. Details are provided on work risk factors, addictions, and everyday practices such as trips and hazardous activities.

These reports are based on personal and/or telephone interviews in several languages. A Living Conditions Report and a Medical Background Report are attached to this information. Details are provided on Occupational risk factors, hobbies, avocations and travel. Questions regarding use of drugs of abuse and tobacco consumption are also included.


Our Inspection Reports for life insurance include:

1. Personal Information

Complete name, home address, business address, telephone numbers, etc.

2. Age Verification

Confirmation of date of birth per personal identification documents.

3. Employment

Profession, nature of job activity, professional licences, name of employer, employment history, etc

4. Health

Names, addresses and telephone numbers of all attending physicians. Most recent medical consults, results, diagnoses, hospitalizations, surgeries, medication taken (prescription or non-prescription), family health history.

5. Hazardous Activities

Details regarding hazardous activities, including details regarding aviation history if proposed insured is a pilot.

6. Habits

Tobacco use, alcohol use and use of illegal drugs or controlled substances.

7. Quantity of hours worked. Description of activities during average workday.

Quantity of hours worked. Description of activities during average workday.

8. Travel

Frequency. Destinations. Means of transportation.

9. Financial Profile

Details of net worth ( real estate, personal possessions, stocks, partnerships, investments, vehicles).

10. Income Profile

Annual income. Breakdown of income (Salary, fees, bonus, commissions, interest or rental income, etc.)

11. Visual Impression

Includes special comments if necessary.

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