THU 21. February 2019
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IUSolutions for mobiles

Now through IUSolutions Mobile, you can request reports and access to all information updated, from your phone.


Add IUSolutions on your iPhone Icono iPhone

1. From the browser on your iphone, enter

2. Click on the options icon Options

3. Select the option "Add to home screen".


Enter IUSolutions from your BlackBerry Icono BB

1. Start the browser on your BlackBerry

2. Click on the Menu icon: Options

3. Add to Home Screen.


Enter IUSolutions from any mobile device Icono IUSolutions

1. Start the browser on your mobile device.

2. Complete address and press "Enter".

3. Add the site to your favorites.




Funciones New Reports Added.

Funciones Search.

Funciones Visualization and monitoring reports.

Funciones all information and news of IUSolutions.



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